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Team Leadership Coaching

Redefining the "Team" Concept for Increased Efficiency
and Greater Productivity

Which description best defines the last team you lead?

  • A collection of people with a high degree of interdependence that is focused on the achievement of specific goals and results.
  • A group of people who gather in the office every morning for group hugs and to sing “Cumbaya.”

Teams, whether intact (such as senior management teams) or initiative-based (“project”) are successful only when they operate effectively, achieve their stated results, and do so as
expeditiously as possible. If team members focus on protecting their own turf rather than achieving team results, they are not a team.
Executive Team Leadership Coaching

“What We Do...
and How We Do It”

At Rand Golletz Performance Systems, our team leadership coaching involves two disciplines—working with business leaders to create successful teams, and embedding the knowledge, skills, focus, discipline, and momentum for productive and successful teams.

We start by leading you through a process to develop powerful answers to the following questions:

  • What knowledge, skills, attributes, and talents do your team members require, and in what amounts and combinations, to create value for buyers?
  • How do you recruit, select, develop, and leverage relevant knowledge, skills, talents, and attributes to create value for buyers?
  • How do you translate people’s competence, passion, and confidence into performance?
  • How can we integrate individual performance into a cohesive “whole?”

Our work includes expert coaching of team leaders, assessing team preparedness, and ascertaining the appropriate composition of skills and disciplines for a project team. We also help you complete executive assessments for succession planning, formalizing team roles and responsibilities, and imparting technical, problem-solving skills.

“Is Your Team Really a Team, Or Is It a Mob?”

A team is a collection of people with a high degree of interdependence focused on the achievement of goals and results. A team is NOT a group of people who gather in the boss’s office every morning for a group hug and to sing "Cumbaya."

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