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Room Setup and Technical Requirements

This keynote presentation explores tough-minded leadership. Delivered and developed by Rand Golletz, it may involve some audience participation. The presentation is an energetic event that delivers a new way of looking at the world that can have a grounding yet inspiring effect on participants.

Please note:  
The name "Rand Golletz" must always be used in all publicity and written promotional materials.


  • 40 minutes to 1 hour
  • there should be a break of sufficient length before the presentation
    to enable people to go the bathroom
  • the presentation must be followed by a break


  • one card-table sized table
  • two flip charts with black and red pens
  • one wireless headset microphone, with a wireless lapel microphone (as a backup)
  • one computer projector and computer for Power-Point presentation (min. 3,000 lumens)
    and a back-up bulb
  • one screen for projection
  • one podium
  • one pitcher of water and two glasses

The presentation will be video and audio recorded at your expense for future use by
Rand Golletz.

You are strongly encouraged to use the Sample Podium Introduction provided by Mr. Golletz's office and located elsewhere on this website. NOTE:  All technical and logistical matters concerning this presentation should be discussed with Rand Golletz prior to your event. You can contact Rand at
301-801-9934 or via e-mail at Contact Us.


Rand Golletz works with you to tailor his presentation to your specific objectives. Before each session it is essential that the organizer speak by telephone to Rand to describe the company or organization, its special character, short-term and long-term goals, and perceived obstacles. This information is used to customize the presentation to your event. Please telephone Rand Golletz’s office to arrange a telephone appointment for the pre-event briefing.


The preferred seating arrangement is theater-style with one accessible central aisle. There should be a slightly elevated stage area with steps down to the audience. On stage there should be two flip charts with pens at each side of the stage.

The lighting in the auditorium should be at full strength, but please no harsh spotlights on the speaker. No literature of any kind should be placed on the audience members’ chairs. And please no food or beverages in the room.


To be worked out directly with Rand Golletz or an agent where appropriate. First-class travel for one to be reimbursed. Hotel and ground transport needs, when required, are arranged by the client.

Rand Golletz cannot accept any form of exclusivity in his contractual arrangements.
Please remove all exclusivity clauses from any contract. Thank you.

If you have questions, please call Rand at 301-801-9934 or Contact Us via e-mail. If you would like to inquire about booking Rand for an upcoming event, please use our Request Booking form.

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