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"Redefining Type A:
Success Secrets of Tough-Minded Leaders"

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Rand Golletz has spent over 20 years leading organizations to consistently achieving outstanding results. He's been the youngest officer of a Fortune 500, and led the company’s distribution and sales management functions.

Later in his career Rand served as the senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for a Fortune 100 company, where he was responsible for market research, sales development, brand development, marketing communications and distribution management and planning.

So when it came time for him to sit down and write an insider's guide to effective business leadership for the 21st century, Rand already had a lot to say. In his new book "Redefining Type A," Rand offers his readers an honest, no-nonsense appraisal of what makes (or breaks!) a business leader.

Drawing experience from his tenure as director and practice leader for a Big 5 strategy consulting practice, as well as his career spent as the COO and CEO of two multi-hundred-million-dollar financial services companies, Rand has a lot to say on the subject. One of the most important aspects that he examines in depth is that the strategy for business success that worked in years past has radically evolved, and that what worked well last year will no longer pay dividends.

In fact, the criteria has changed so drastically that Rand has written it is time to start redefining the traditional "type A" personality. Rand stresses that in order to be an effective leader in business today, one must become a tough-minded leader. That's tough minded, not hard headed.

Throughout this honest and unflinching book, Rand continues to emphasize that tough-mindedness and an absolute refusal to accept finger pointing and excuses is essential to being a true business leader.

As the CEO of his own business, Rand Golletz Performance Systems, Rand has seen it all and still managed to be very successful leader and executive. His company specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, and consulting, and Rand now works with senior corporate leaders and business owners on a wide range of issues, including:

  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • brand-building
  • sales management
  • strategy creation and implementation
  • team effectiveness and execution.

Drawing on his early successful experiences as an executive within companies, Rand has quickly become one of the most respected and in-demand leadership coaches in the business. Few have had the success and ability to leverage their own business successes for the benefit of their clients. After reading his informative, insider's book, readers will quickly realize that much of Rand's professional life has served as a laboratory where he could experiment with, and improve upon, business leadership practices. 

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