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Pre-Program Checklist

Covering the Basics to Make Every Program a Success

Nothing is more important to us than helping to make your event a complete success. In order to make sure nothing "falls through the cracks,” Rand has created the following pre-program checklist that will assist us greatly in presenting the best program possible for your group.

Please send us any information such as industry magazines, company history, recent newsletters, or product brochures that will increase Rand’s understanding of your organization, its products, people, and challenges. If available, please send us a copy of the schedule for this event.

We appreciate your help; please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Rand needs to be on a slightly elevated platform/stage in order for everyone in your group to be able to see him (12 to 18 inches is fine). Being elevated makes it much easier for everyone to see and enjoy his entire program.

Rand prefers to use a wireless headset or a label-pin microphone. It is important for him to be able to move around freely so he can interact personally with your group.

Audio/Visual Aids
Rand uses Power Point presentations and occasionally other visual aids. Please remove any equipment and/or screens from the staging area that might impair the audience’s view.

We will provide you with a master copy of Rand’s handout. Please have a copy available for each audience member as they enter.

Elsewhere on this website are downloadable introductions of varying lengths for you to use when introducing Rand to your audience. Please use this to introduce Rand to your group.

Hotel and Travel Arrangements
Hotel room reservations (non-smoking), preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, are to be secured by you, the client, guaranteed for late arrival, and should be billed directly to your organization. Rand will be responsible for travel arrangements, non-refundable, (non-stop, when possible) first-class fare, round-trip.

Ground Transportation
Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting Rand, or if you need him to take a cab or shuttle.

Payment of Fee
Per the agreement, please remember that the entire fee is due on-site, immediately following Rand's presentation. An invoice (with the exception of jobs through a speakers' bureau), including travel expenses and per diem, will be mailed prior to the engagement.

Please remember: Audio or video recording of the presentation, in part or whole, by the client for private or other distribution is prohibited and is NOT a part of OUR AGREEMENT.
Once you've taken care of each of these items, you can be assured that everything will run smoothly--now YOU can relax and let Rand do the rest!

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