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Individual Executive Coaching

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individual Executive Coaching and ConsultingWhen you want to learn about becoming a more successful business leader, you can read every business development book ever written and purchase every DVD on the subject, and hope that in the end you’ll learn enough to justify the expense.

Or if you are lucky, you can go directly to someone who’s already “been there and done that.” If you are fortunate enough to have direct access to a well-known business leader with a lengthy resume outlining their business accomplishments, why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that guru and sit at their feet as often as possible, soaking up their experience, perspective, and proven techniques?

For the last 30 years Rand Golletz has been obsessed with helping organizations (and the people in them!) be more effective and successful. His first taste of business success was as an executive within major companies. Now Rand serves as a business coach and consultant, putting the success strategies he observed from the vantage point of a trusted executive advisor to work for his clients. His professional life has been a laboratory used to experiment with, and improve upon, business leadership practices.

Imagine what you could learn from a successful business leader who:

  • spent more than 20 years showing organizations how to consistently achieve outstanding results

  • was the youngest officer of a Fortune 500 (leading distribution and sales management)

  • served as Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer for a $20-billion
    Fortune 100 company

  • served as Director and Practice Leader for a “Big 5” Strategy consulting practice

  • has been both COO and CEO of two multi-hundred-million-dollar financial services companies

Now you too can have direct access to that level of management success through individual executive coaching programs from Rand Golletz Performance Systems. Individual executive coaching can help you achieve greater business success and will reveal to you the essential leadership skills every executive must master.

Explore the Rand Golletz Approach to Executive Coaching.
Professional development cannot be both haphazard and effective. Rand Golletz Performance Systems’ approach to executive coaching focuses on two of a leader’s primary skill sets—leveraging existing (or developing and deploying new) leadership skills and eliminating dysfunctional actions or behaviors.

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About the Development of Business Leaders.
developing business leadersMuch of the professional development work being done today is based upon the mistaken belief that if you invest enough time and money, your weaknesses will become your strengths. At Rand Golletz Performance Systems, we do not subscribe to that notion. We believe that you are the aggregate of your knowledge, skills, talents, and personal attributes. In order to deal effectively with your development challenges, you need to understand the source and initiate the appropriate mechanisms for change. Individual executive coaching can initiate the right mechanisms… but ONLY if your coach has the knowledge, skills, talents and attributes consistent with your needs.

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Tough-Minded Leadership Coaching.
tough-minded leadership coaching speaker You cannot create leadership success without being tough-minded. Some leaders believe that being tough-minded is synonymous with being hardheaded, but nothing could be further from the truth! Hard-headed leaders are cold and remote, and fail to engage colleagues. They cannot understand the concept that while hard-headed leaders can get people to do what needs to be done, tough-minded leaders are concerned with getting people to want to do what needs to be done. Tough-minded leaders are focused, persistent, resilient, empathetic, and courageous. They retain their confidence, seriousness of purpose, and sense of humor, regardless of the situation. You simply cannot achieve your goals without being a tough-minded leader.

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“Are You Exceeding Planned Results?”
Exceeding planed results If you believe that your past or current success preordains future success, you are in deep trouble! Executives who sustain enduring professional success are those who can balance their confidence with a suspicion of their own success and potential–enough to keep themselves honest, reasonably objective, and sufficiently paranoid.

Keep in mind that one of the factors that may be stunting your leadership growth could be your own success. In fact, the greater your current success (and the higher your “perch”), the greater the likelihood that you are headed for a fall because of the lies your mind feeds you. Rand calls it “CEO disease.” Some of the most common delusions leaders fall victim to are inflated perception of abilities, a compulsion to project that you are always “in control” no matter the circumstances, and the all-too-common belief that your job title entitles you to total freedom to do and say whatever you please. If any of this sounds familiar, you and your organization are heading for trouble!

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The right executive coach… and ONLY the right coach…  can help you develop and sustain the skills every leader needs for success! Find out how Rand can help you become more successful with a call to 301-801-9934, or Contact Us online.