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Executive Coaching and Consulting

No-Nonsense, Real-World Coaching and Consulting to Help Executives Develop Profit-Making Skills.

You cannot create leadership success without being tough minded. Some leaders believe that being tough-minded is synonymous with being hard-headed, but don’t kid yourself. Hard-headed leaders are ineffective, remote, and seldom inspire those they lead to great success.

They don’t engage people because they lack the “empathy gene.” They cannot process the concept that while hard-headed leaders can get people to do what needs to be done, tough-minded leaders are concerned with getting people to want to do what needs to be done.

Through his executive coaching and consulting, Rand Golletz emphasizes which skills your executives must possess in order to grow your business, as well as to become more efficient and effective leaders.  His no-nonsense, real-world coaching and consulting helps executives develop the skills necessary to make their organizations more profitable.

Individual Executive Coaching:

individual executive coachingIf you believe that your past or current success preordains future success, you are in deep trouble! Executives who sustain enduring professional success are those who can balance their confidence with a healthy suspicion of their own success and potential—enough to keep themselves honest, reasonably objective, and sufficiently paranoid!

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Team Leadership Coaching:

team leadership coachingHave you wrestled with any of the following team leadership issues: Do you find it difficult to get your executive team “on the same page?" Does your team confuse “consensus” with “unanimity?" On capital-budget initiatives does your team frequently under-estimate costs and over-estimate results? Do team members protect individual interests at the expense of achieving team goals? If you answered “yes” to any (or all!) of these questions...

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Strategic Leadership Consulting:

strategic leadership consultingIs your strategic plan really a credenza ornament? If so, you’re not alone. For many companies, strategic plans adorn shelves and collect dust. They get pulled out for revision once a year and then are returned to their shelf to collect more dust. Your strategic leadership plan should play a vital role in laying the foundation for tomorrow’s success while helping you remain competitive in today’s marketplace. To be effective, your plan must be supported by a system of interdependent disciplines that all must be executed successfully and repeatedly to achieve planned results this year… and every year.

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