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Consensus is Not Kumbaya: Lessons in Tough-Minded Leadership by Rand Golletz

Rand Golletz

In order to be an effective leader in business today, one must become a tough-minded leader. That's tough-minded, not hard-headed.

Rand Golletz has spent over 20 years leading organizations to consistently achieving outstanding results. He has been the youngest officer of a Fortune 500, and led the company’s distribution and sales management functions. Later in his career Rand served as the senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for a Fortune 100 company, where he was responsible for market research, sales development, brand development, marketing communications and distribution management and planning.

In his new book "Consensus is Not Kumbaya," Rand offers his readers an honest, no-nonsense appraisal of what makes (or breaks!) a business leader. Drawing experience from his tenure as director and practice leader for a “Big 5” strategy consulting practice, as well as his career spent as the COO and CEO of two multi-hundred-million-dollar financial services companies, one of the most important parts he examines in depth is that the strategy for business success that worked in years past has radically evolved, and that what worked well last year will no longer pay dividends.

Throughout this brutally honest and unflinching book, Rand continues to emphasize that tough-mindedness and an absolute refusal to accept finger pointing and excuses is essential to being a true business leader.

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Consensus is Not Kumbaya: Lessons in Tough-Minded Leadership by Rand Golletz and Stepping Stones to Success featuring Rand Golletz, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley

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Available in Paperback.


Stepping Stones to Success— Strategies for Mastering Business, Life & Relationships Featuring Rand Golletz, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley

Rand GolletzLooking for exciting new ideas to enrich your professional and personal life?

"Stepping Stones to Success" featuring Rand Golletz is a must-have book for your business library that delivers an exceptional learning experience.

The experts in this book are some of the most innovative and respected entrepreneurs today. The experiences and knowledge they share will give you ideas for unleashing your creativity and discovering opportunities that await you.

Once you set goals, you need to develop a method in reaching them. It is advantageous to know steps you have to take in reaching your goals, knowledge that will lead you to a successful result and people who can guide you along this journey. The ideas presented in this book provide insight and ideas into formulating a plan and offering inspiration toward what you want to accomplish.

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Blueprint for Success — Success Secrets from 14 Powerhouse Professionals Featuring Rand Golletz, Ken Blanchard and Stephen R. Covey

Rand GolletzIf you're serious about unlocking your business leadership potential, turning your life around, and removing mental blocks to success, "Blueprint For Success" featuring Rand Golletz is required reading.

If you're searching for ways to become the success you were meant to be, this is your blueprint for getting there. Filled with sage advice, proven techniques, and serious business insight provided by some of the most successful leaders in business today. Each chapter in
"Blueprint for Success"
shows you how others have stepped up and become successful in their own industries.

As you read about what it takes to be a successful business leader today, you'll realize that "success" is often determined by whether or not you are prepared to deal with whatever life puts in front of you. Every time you read a book about the experiences of truly successful people, you are actually advancing on your own personal road to success. The authors featured in this amazing, enlightening this book will help you expand your horizons and gain a new perspective on how to achieve success.

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Rand Golletz
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Available in Paperback.

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