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Executive Coaching and Consulting Services

Do you believe that you can become a perfectly well-rounded business leader? If you do, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Much of professional development work being done today is based upon the mistaken belief that if you invest enough time and money, your weaknesses will become your strengths. Executive coaching can activate the right mechanisms for change, but ONLY if your coach also has the knowledge, skills, talents, and attributes consistent with your unique needs.

Leadership & Management Development


Business Growth Strategies

Leadership and Management DevelopmentIf you believe that your past or current success pre-ordains future success, you are in deep trouble! Individuals and teams who sustain enduring professional success can balance their confidence with a suspicion of their own success and potential enough to keep themselves honest and reasonably objective.

If this DOESN'T describe you, we can help with leadership strategies that:

  • Leverage existing or develop new leadership skills
  • Eliminate dysfunctional actions and behaviors
  • Identify management issues accurately

Business Growth StrategiesFor many companies, strategic plans are something that adorn shelves and collect dust. They get pulled out for revision once a year and then are returned to their shelf to collect more dust. Strategic leadership lays the foundation for tomorrow’s success while competing to win in today's marketplace.

To achieve your planned results this year — and every year — your business must have:

  • Strategy
  • Operational plans
  • Performance management and leadership
Consensus is not Kumbaya - lessons in tough minded leadership
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